(Google Meet)Understanding Type Ia supernovae through their host galaxies
Updated Date 2021-11-04
Date: 2021/11/09
Time: 14:20 ~ 15:20
Speaker: Prof. Yen-Chen Pan  (National Central University)

Title: Understanding Type Ia supernovae through their host galaxies



Type Ia Supernovae are exceptionally bright explosions, and their calibrateable brightness make them powerful standard candles in measuring the distance and probing the cosmic expansion. In fact, no SN Ia progenitors have ever been identified directly. The unknown nature of progenitor system could complicate their usage in cosmology. Alternatively, host-galaxy study of SN Ia has been a profitable route to probe the nature of the progenitor system and explosion mechanism. In this talk, I will show how we can take advantage of the relation between host parameters and SN Ia properties to shed the light on their progenitor systems and potential evolution with the redshift.