Kimitoshi Kono
Chair professor
Ph.D., Physics, University of Tokyo (Japan)
Science Building III, SC 426
(03) 5712121#56130
Low Temperature and Quantum Condensed Phases Research (NCTU-RIKEN Joint Laboratory)
1973 - 1977
Bs., Physics, University of Tokyo (Japan)
1977 - 1982
Ms., Ph.D, University of Tokyo (Japan)
2021/02 -
Professor, Department of Electrophysics, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
2021 -
RIKEN Honorary Scientist
2018/08 - 2021/01
Professor, Department of Electrophysics, National Chiao Tung Univeristy
2015 - 2018
Team leader, RIKEN CEMS
2000 - 2015
Chief Scientist, RIKEN
1992 - 2000
Associate Professor, ISSP, Univiersity of Tokyo
1989 - 1992
Associate Professor, Insitute of Physics, University of Tsukuba
1987 - 1989
Associate Professor, Hyogo University of Teacher Education
1982 - 1987
Research Associate, same as above
1982 - 1982
Post Doctral Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
  1. Low Temperature Physics
  2. Physics of Quantum Condensed Phases, Nono-science

Qunatum Fluids and Solids, in particular, surface phenomena of normal and superfluid 4He, 3He, and their mixtures. Experimental investigations on these systems have been carried out by using surface state electrons and ions trapped under the free surfaces.  The recent emphasis is utilization of single electrons on liquid He surface as qubits.

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