TSMC RD Plasma Etch Principle Engineer/ Technical Manager
Updated Date 2021-04-10

TSMC RD Plasma Etch Principle Engineer/ Technical Manager



1. Advanced PLASMA ETCH module process development for 2nm technology node and beyond

2. Evaluate new tool or hardware, new chemistry or gas, new material, or new process approach to enable transistor scaling

3. Construct and executes full experimental plans to solve problems. Identify key input and output variables and provide data analysis of results.

4. Work closely with integration, defect, device and other modules for yield improvement and device performance enhancement



1. PhD/Master in Electrophysics, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering , Mechanical Engineering or related engineering discipline

(fresh PhD & Master\ graduates are welcome to apply)

2. Strong technical problem-solving and analytical skills with innovation and out of box thinking

3. Must be effectively bilingual in Mandarin and English

4. Relocation to Hsinchu (Taiwan) is required


Contact Information:

1. Please mail to slpang@tsmc.com or call 03-5636688 Ext. 7327034 for more information